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INR 4000/-

5in1 Air Sofa Bed is a 100% paisa vasool (Great Value for Money). It is the modern furniture to increase your daily comfort at home. Suitable for the homes with less space, this 5 in 1 air sofa bed provides ultimate comfort to your relatives and friends at home. You can also use it as sofa while you need to just sit and not sleep. It can also be used as lounger, recliner, children high rise sleeper etc. This fabulous sofa cum bed looks will look great in your bedroom, guest room or even in your living room. Perfect for camping and even in pool, this outstanding furniture can make your life simpler than ever before. The comfortable base of the product provides an ease to sit and sleep over 5 in 1 air sofa bed. Easy to inflate or deflate, 5 in 1 air sofa bed is perfect furniture to lie down in your free time and read a book or to play various games with your children.
This compact and portable furniture can be taken everywhere along with you. When not in use, you can deflate and store it anywhere, in a very little space at home. 5in1 Air Sofa Bed is made up of 3 sections; 2 base segments, connected by flexible tubes, holding them together and allowing air to flow between the two, and an upright (back rest/arm rest) section. So your pump can be used to inflate virtually any kind of inflatable.

Velvet Branded 5 in 1 Sofa Bed

Velvet Branded 5 In 1 Air Sofa Bed Air Louncher Double Size: 76" x 60" x 25" (AC Air Pump Included).This Inflatable Multifunctional Couch with AC Air Pump is perfect for dormitory, TV room, living room and bedroom. Along with its convenient folding design, it can be unfolded as a double bed or folded up as a couch. It is made out of sturdy pre-tested vinyl, has coil beam construction for additional strength, comfortable flocked surface and can be quickly inflated/deflated by the electric air pump included that inflates the whole couch in 180seconds!!


Branded 5-in-1 Air Bed Delux with Velvet Cover.

Double Lock Valve.

Flocked Sleeping Surface.

Sturdy Pre-tested Vinyl.

Strong Coil Beam Construction.

Quick Inflation/Deflation Screw Valves.

Great for Indoor and Outdoor Use.

Convenient Folding Design (A Couch or a Bed).

INR 4500/-

I really thankful to you for this great product. Now me & My whole family is very happy to use this quality 5in1 air sofa bed in daily life.
Mrs.A. Dutta, Kolkata


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